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Breastfeeding can be highly satisfying and rewarding for both the mother and baby. The decision to breastfeed or formula feed is a personal one. Before deciding, become informed about each method. Being informed will help you feel great about your decision, no matter which choice you've made.

Breast-Feeding Basics
A free, one-session class designed for women planning to breast-feed their infants or those women who are undecided as to breast-feeding or bottle feeding is offered. Support persons are welcome. Pre-registration is required. Classes are held the second Tuesday of the month from 7-9 p.m. For more information, call 701-530-7700 or 1-800-843-9628. The following website will provide more information to help you make a decision:

Bismarck/Mandan Breastfeeding Partnership
National Women's Health Information Center

Lamaze classes are offered through the Education Center to help prepare expecting mothers and their support person for the birthing process. Lamaze classes not only focus on breathing techniques, but all areas of birthing. Subjects that will be covered through the course include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Massage
  • Labor phases and medication
  • Pushing techniques
  • New born and postpartum care

Classes are offered for expectant parents to be taken eight weeks prior to due date. Classes fill quickly and pre-registration is required. Please register between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy. Cost is $40 and one session is six classes. Refresher course (class 2 through 4) is $20. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday and weekends. For more information or to register, call the Education Center at 701-530-7700 or 1-800-843-9628.

Download a brochure for information on miscarriage. 

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