Biomechanical Assessment

Movement is a unique response to demand of the function. In other words, desired function is the driving force of movement. However the body has a very unique way of accomplishing movement even when normal function is not there. For example someone can walk with a sore ankle, but the walking pattern will be altered. The altered pattern places more stress on the ankle and the surrounding bones and muscles. This creates a cycle in which the original problem does not resolve and additional injuries begin to occur.

Using the best video analysis software available (short of a movement lab) and an understanding of movement the HPC staff is able asses the altered movement pattern and provide methods to return to body to normal motion.

Biomechanical assessments can also be used to improve sport skill. In the field of running it is well known that orthotics can have a postitive impact on reducing energy requirements and preventing injury. A video analysis of your running style can help determine the type of orthotic that would be best for you.

If you are looking to improve other skills such as throwing a baseball, hitting a volleyball or golfing there is no better learning process than watching yourself on video. Let the motion experts at the HPC help you to better perform these skills.

For more information, please contact the St. Alexius Human Performance Center at 701-530-8100 or 1-800-222-7858.