Telemedicine and Videoconferencing Services

Provider on TelemedicineToday's physician can cover hundreds of miles and see several patients in less than an hour - thanks to the TeleCare Network. This telemedicine service is offered by CHI St. Alexius Health in cooperation with the PrimeCare Health Group and rural healthcare providers throughout the Dakotas.

Healthcare providers and their patients can consult face-to-face with distant specialists via two-way "live" television. Specialists are able to consult with attending physicians, examine patients, check an ear canal, examine a wound, view a chest x-ray during a cardiac surgery consult or instruct a speech therapy patient. These are only a few of the possibilities through the Telecare Network.

The benefits are immediate and significant in a variety of clinical settings: quality, efficiency, and delivery of care is enhanced and strengthened. As with all our telemedicine services CHI St. Alexius Health is committed to continuing our tradition of enhancing quality and access to healthcare.

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In addition to the resources available at our website, we've provided links to other sites that contain useful information regarding the fields of health and medicine. If you're a Telecare member, you can log in to our special "members only" section for a calendar of events, minutes of meetings, updates on regulations, and suggestions to help you get the most out of the Telecare system.

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