Program Description - Project Sponsor

CHI St. Alexius Health, located in Bismarck, North Dakota, serves as the primary sponsor of the TeleCare Network and "central hub" for the Network. The PrimeCare health group features physicians who specialize in nearly every available adult and pediatric sub-specialty. This 306 bed facility was the first medical center in the state to be granted a level two trauma accreditation. CHI St. Alexius Health is a major medical referral center for North Dakota, northern South Dakota, and eastern Montana, and recognized many of the challenges associated with the deliver of rural health and wellness care.

CHI St. Alexius Health offers a variety of telemedicine related services including interactive "live" video, teleradiology, EKG management, EEG management, and infant pneumocardiogram transmission. In addition, CHI St. Alexius Health is committed to the concept of utilizing telemedicine to improve the access to specialty services in rural areas. They believe that it is more than a passing fad, and that it will play a significant role in the delivery of healthcare in the future.

CHI St. Alexius Health encourages its network members to work closely with their physicians to consider a full range of specialty services and assist in identification the most appropriate, and cost effective, applications for their telemedicine program. CHI St. Alexius Health is dedicated to continue its long-standing commitment of advancing rural healthcare through partnerships with other healthcare facilities.

Outreach Philosophy:
Healthcare is best offered at a local level
CHI St. Alexius Health firmly maintains that healthcare services are best offered at a local level. Local residents and healthcare providers are in the best position to understand the unique needs of their community, and to develop the appropriate medical services to meet these needs.

With this in mind, CHI St. Alexius Health provides consultative and support services as requested by local communities. They believe that no two communities are alike and they continue to work in cooperation with communities through the Dakotas to develop a variety of innovative healthcare solutions.