Program Description - Future

Telemdicine Conference RoomPreparing for the future:
Since 1995, the Telecare Network has had significant growth and development as well as gained valuable experience. We have encountered many challenges in addressing key issues related to telemedicine such as licensing, reimbursement, credentialing, lack of understanding of the technology's capabilities, physician support, and the fast rate of network growth.

We have been successful in working through some of these and will continue dealing with these issues on an ongoing basis. The support from physician specialists has been outstanding! In spite of the lack of reimbursement from major payers in the state during the first year of the program, these specialists have been very willing to consult with their rural colleagues and have been supportive of this new service. Now that reimbursement is available by many 3rd party payers, use of telemedicine is becoming even more integrated into the daily practice of the physician specialists.

We are committed to continued development of the existing network that will meet the needs of the physicians and patients it serves. We will encourage network members to provide input on this cooperative strategic plan as well as implementing their own strategic plan, with goals and objectives that we can work together on implementing.

Together, all network members have a common goal:  To provide quality healthcare services at the local level that will best serve the needs of the community.