Program Description - Comments

  • "Thank you for the new service. It was very convenient for my schedule." - patient
  • "My husband and I were both amazed at how this works." - patient
  • "This was wonderful, I'd definitely use the service again!" - patient
  • "I think it's great because my son didn't have to miss school and I didn't have to take a day off work. I DO highly recommend it to everyone. I was skeptical because it was a dermatology problem and I didn't think it would show up good enough. It was very clear and almost easier to see because it seemed to magnify it." - patient
  • "Telemedicine was appropriate for this patient due to her poor response to treatment and deteriorating condition." - rural physician
  • "It was helpful and very appreciated by the patient and me!" - rural physician
  • "Excellent." - rural physician
  • "This is great!" - orthopedic surgeon
  • "This was very helpful. Patient was here (from Timber Lake, SD) for appointment but the CT scan was not here. I could not recommend any treatment until I viewed this CT scan." - neurosurgeon