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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect my speech treatment to take?
The length of time in therapy depends upon the individual’s needs, age and family support. We work closely with family members as well as other therapists and the physician to make the process go as quickly as possible.

What should be expected in speech therapy sessions?
CHI St. Alexius Health therapists design a specialized program of activities to improve the targeted areas according to each patient’s needs. Therapy may focus on the ability to comprehend language and to use language in a way others can understand. Patients receiving more than one therapy can expect treatment coordination of care between disciplines, like occupational or physical therapy. Home exercise programs or activities to reinforce skills are provided during treatment sessions. In addition, patients are encouraged to utilize what they have learned in the therapy session at home and in the community setting.

Will my health insurance cover the services provided by my speech-language pathologist?
Many healthcare plans cover speech therapy.  Review your insurance plan and contact your insurance provider to understand your plan’s benefits. *  BlueCross Blue Shield and Medicaid also may cover speech therapy through Telemedicine. Please visit for more information about speech-language pathology.


The speech therapy staff at CHI St. Alexius Health wants to provide accurate and helpful information to answer questions. Please take a moment to look over the developmental milestones for your child’s occupational, physical, and speech development. For information on a specific topic, feel free to submit a question to any of our trained therapists through our ASK A SPEECH THERAPIST form below or CLICK on any of the state and or national therapy website links listed for more information. You can also call (701) 530-8200 to speak with a therapist.

Speech Therapy Websites:

American Speech Language Hearing Association
Autism Speaks
The Stuttering Foundation
Washington Voice Consortium


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