What Happens During A Sleep Study?

Standard protocol at the sleep center for diagnosing sleep-related disorders includes a pre-assessment of the patient. There is a history and physical exam (H&P), as well as a questionnaire. The patient is questioned regarding sleep patterns and difficulties. Following the evaluation, a diagnostic sleep study may be scheduled. The study is performed and scored by a registered respiratory therapist or registered polysomnographer. It is then interpreted by sleep center physicians to determine if treatment is necessary, and if so, what treatment should be prescribed. If desired, the ordering physician may also refer the patient to the sleep center for evaluation and treatment after the sleep study.

Things to remember the day of your study. General instructions for the day:

  • Shower and shampoo the day of your study. Do not use hair products such as hair oils, sprays or hair gels.
  • Do not take a nap the day of your sleep study.
  • Continue taking prescribed medication unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • Avoid alcohol the day of your sleep study. Avoid caffeinated beverages 4-6 hours prior to your sleep study. This includes coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa and colas. Decaffeinated beverages are highly recommended.
  • Eat a good dinner before you come to the sleep center for your appointment.

If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call us before 3 p.m. the afternoon of your appointment to reschedule.