What to expect when you visit

When you come to our sleep center for your test, you will be shown to one of our 6 private suites. You will have a full size bed, private bathroom and shower. The tech will be in an adjoining room during your test with the specialized sleep equipment monitoring your sleep.

Before you are hooked up with devices, you will be asked to complete a bedtime questionnaire which will include questions regarding the types of medication you may have taken on the day of your study as well as how you feel the day of your study.

You will be asked to put on your bedtime clothing and prepare for "hookup". This means the technicians will fasten all of the recording equipment to you. There will be recording electrodes on long wires adhered to your head, legs, chin and next to your eyes with a special glue or paste. They are used to measure brain activity as well as muscle movement during the test. These wires are connected to a special box next to the bed but you will still be able to move around as needed and get up to the bathroom if you need to.

The next device they will add will be a small tape-like device to the area just above your lip and below your nose to measure airflow out of your mouth and nose. This will be followed by 2 stretchy belts, one on your chest and one on your abdomen. These belts measure the movement of your chest and abdomen as you breathe throughout the test. The last thing is a small clip with an infrared light on your finger used to measure the oxygen in your blood while you sleep.

Once you are all set up, the technicians will need to perform a few calibration tests to assure everything is working correctly. Now it is time to wish you "Sweet Dreams" and the lights are turned out. The technicians are available if you should need anything during the night.

When morning arrives you will be awakened between 6:00 am and 7:00 am and all of the recording devices will be removed. There will be one more questionnaire for you to complete so that you can let us know how your night was and if it was different than what you normally experience. You are welcome to shower after the electrodes are removed.

We will always ask that you make an appointment with the physician who ordered the sleep study in order for you to get your results.

CHI St. Alexius Health's Sleep Center prides itself on being a comfortable place to visit and we will do whatever it takes to make sure your stay with us is a good one.