The people we serve in our Rehabilitation Center enjoy exceptional outcomes as compared to regional and national data. The major groups of patients we serve are:

  • Orthopedics = 37%
  • Stroke = 28%
  • Brain Injury = 11%
  • Amputees = 7%
  • Spinal Cord and Neurological Disorders = 7%

The average length of stay is 12 days depending on severity of illness and diagnosis. Seventy-one percent of our patients return back to their homes after rehabilitation.

The functional independence measure for patients on discharge is higher than other comparative Rehabilitation Centers in the region and nation. This information means we achieve and exceed our rehabilitation goals for the people we serve. We are very proud of the outstanding results our patients achieve both, by their hard work and our excellent team of professionals.

As compared to other facilities we are below the benchmark with the National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) for pressure ulcers and restraints.

Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction survey comments requested additional patient education channels on TV, a large key computer keyboard for the visually impaired, and a new process to keep our patients continually informed about their therapy schedule which we were able to successfully accomplish.

The following comments were made on our returned patient satisfaction surveys:

"They gave me positive motivation for me to do it."
"All of my providers gave me excellent care and were very supportive."
"We are grateful to all on the Rehabilitation Unit."
"You all were nice and full of hugs."
"I have never been given such kind treatment."
"Extremely happy with St. Alexius Rehab."
"They made me feel important and they were there to help me out."
"They pushed me to trust my body and they did not press if I failed the first time."
"They kept on encouraging you even thoughI was having a hard time."