Skull X-Ray

PREP: Prior to your exam a radiologic technologist will explain the procedure and answer any questions you have. Since metal can interfere with the interpretation of the x-ray image. You will be asked to remove dentures and hearing aids. You will also need to remove necklaces, earrings, hairpins, and barrettes. If you think you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before your exam.

PURPOSE: Radiographic images of various areas of the head can be obtained by performing an x-ray examination of the skull. A skull x-ray can reveal air-fluid levels in the sinuses as well as fractures of the jaw, facial bones, and/or nasal bones. It is commonly ordered when there is a possible sinus infection, when a patient has head pain, or after a head injury has occurred.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Once inside the x-ray room, you will be asked to either lie down on an x-ray table or sit next to a wall unit. The technologist may use sponges by your head to help keep it in a certain position. Since any movement will blur the x-ray image, it is important for you to not move during the exposure. The exposure is very short. In order for different radiographic views to be obtained, you will be asked to turn your head in various positions. Please be sure to tell the technologist if you are unable to comply with any of their instructions.

POST EXAM INFORMATION: Your x-rays will be given to a radiologist to review. A report on the results of your x-rays will be faxed to your physician. Your physician will discuss the results with you.