Sinus X-Ray

PREP: Prior to our exam, a radiologic technologist will explain the procedure and answer any questions you have. Since metal can interfere with the interpretation of the x-ray image, you will be asked to remove any necklaces, earrings, hairpins, and barrettes. You will also be asked to remove any partials or dentures if you wear them. If you think you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before your exam.

PURPOSE: The paranasal sinuses, a group of large, air filled cavities, are divided into four groups. Radiography of the paranasal sinuses are ordered when a patient experiences pressure and pain in the face, especially when the head is lowered. the examination is performed to detect polyps or fluid in the sinuses, as well as sinusitis, and inflammation of the sinuses. Sinus x-rays may be correlated with a CT Scan.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Once inside the x-ray room, the technologist will shield you at waist level to protect your reproductive organs from direct x-ray exposure. This examination requires that you move in a variety of positions. these images will be taken while you are sitting or standing. You may be asked to lift your chin as high as possible, to tuck your chin to your chest, or to turn your head to one side or the other. Since any movement will blur the x-ray image, it is important for you not to move during the exposure. Please be sure to indicate to the technologist if you are unable to comply with any of the instructions.

POST EXAM INFORMATION: Your x-rays will be given to a radiologist to review. A report on the results of your x-rays will be faxed to your physician. Your physician will discuss the results with you.