Please report to Admitting 1 hour before your scheduled exam time.

PREP: Do not eat any solid foods after midnight. You will need to drink large amounts of fluid to get ready for the exam. This will be done until 1 hour prior to the procedure. You may start this prior to coming to the hospital in the morning. Consent form must be signed by you before the study is done. If you think you are pregnant, please tell your doctor. This procedure may be harmful to the fetus.

PURPOSE: A myelogram is an x-ray examination in which dye is injected into the spinal space to outline the central nervous structures of the lumbar, thoracic, or cervical area of the spine.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will lie face down on the x-ray table. The area where the needle will be placed will be cleansed and this area will be numbed by a local anesthetic. This will sting. A needle will be inserted into the spinal space in your lower back. Contrast will be injected into this spinal space, and a series of x-rays will be taken. The table will be tilted upward and downward during the examination and the radiologist will be taking images of your back. You may have a CT scan following the myelogram.

POST EXAM INFORMATION: You will be asked to stay in bed with your head up for several hours following the exam. You will be asked to drink a large amount of fluids. The nurse will check your blood pressure, pulse, and respirations. Please inform your nurse if you experience a headache or any other discomfort. Your physician will discuss the results of this test with you.

TIME FRAME: Approximately 1 hour for the exam.