Intravenous Pyelogram

Please report to Admitting 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time.

PREP: For this exam to be successful it is important that your intestinal tract be free of gas and stool. You will be given an E-Z EM prep kit with step by step instructions. If you think you are pregnant, please tell your doctor. This procedure may be harmful to the fetus. The Laboratory department will draw a creatinine level. We will need the results of this lab test before we can start the procedure.

PURPOSE: An intravenous pyelogram is an x-ray examination of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will be asked to sign a consent form. An iodine solution will be injected into your veins. This solution will make your urinary system visible on the radiographic images. The injection may make you feel warm and flushed. You may have a metallic taste in your mouth and experience nausea. These are normal reactions. If you begin to itch or feel short of breath, let the technologist know immediately. A series of x-rays will be taken at timed intervals. At the end of the procedure you will be taken to the bathroom to empty your bladder. A final x-ray will be taken.

POST EXAM INFORMATION: After your radiographs have been reviewed by a radiologist, your personal physician will receive a report of the findings. Your physician will discuss the results of this test with you.

TIME FRAME: Approximately 1 hour, however, it can last several hours.