I123 Thyroid Uptake & Scan

Please report to Admitting 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time.

PREP: No contrast studies such as CT scans or kidney x-rays 4 weeks prior to scan. You must be off thyroid medications for 3-4 weeks prior to scan. Thyroid lab levels (blood draw) are required. Have nothing solid to eat after midnight the night before the exam. Refrain from eating foods containing iodine such as cabbage, turnips, greens, seafood, kelp, or large amounts of table salt. After the capsule is taken you will need to wait 1 hour before eating solid food. At that time there are no further limitations to eating or drinking for the remainder of the exam. Females of child bearing age will be required to take a serum pregnancy test (blood draw) prior to the exam to insure they are not pregnant.

PURPOSE: A Thyroid Scan is done to study the size, shape, and function of the thyroid gland.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is a 2 day test:
(Day 1) You will be given a small capsule of radioactive iodine to swallow and asked to return at 4 and 24 hours for the exam. The technologist will inform you of the exact times to return. At 4 hours you will return directly to the Radiology Dept. for a reading of your thyroid. The reading shows whether your thyroid gland is functioning normally, over-functioning (hyperthyroid), or under-functioning (hypothyroid).

(Day 2) You will return directly to the Radiology Dept. at your scheduled time. A reading as well as pictures of your thyroid gland will be taken.

(Day 1) 20 minutes at initial exam time; Four hour reading - 10 minutes.
(Day 2) 45 minutes.

POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: Minimal to no side effects from the radioactive isotope.