Cystogram & Voiding Cystourethogram

Please report to Admitting 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time.

PREP: No prep is needed unless ordered with an IVP and then the IVP prep should be followed. If you think you are pregnant, please tell our doctor. This procedure may be harmful to the fetus.

PURPOSE: A cystogram is an x-ray examination of the urinary bladder. A voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) is an x-ray exam of both the urinary bladder and the urethra.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will be positioned on your back on the x-ray table, with your knees flexed. Your genital area will be cleansed. This may feel cold. A catheter will be placed in the urethra. A radiologist will come into the room. The radiologist will slowly fill your bladder with an iodinated contrast solution that will be dripped into your bladder through the catheter. You will feel pressure and fullness in your bladder and will have the urge to urinate. When your bladder is full enough, x-rays will be taken of your bladder. Following this portion of the exam, the catheter will be removed and you will need to empty your bladder while it is studied on the x-ray screen. Additional x-ray films may be taken.

POST EXAM INFORMATION: Your radiographs will be reviewed by the radiologist and your personal physician will receive a report of the findings. Your physician will discuss the results of this test with you.

TIME FRAME: Approximately 1 hour.