Breast Localization

Please report to Admitting when you get to the hospital. Someone from Admitting will take you to the outpatient surgery area. After they have prepared you for surgery you will be brought to the mammography area.

PREP: Please follow the prep given to you by your surgeon. If you think you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before your exam.

PURPOSE: The Breast Localization procedure is used to help your surgeon find the area of abnormal tissue. It will result in precise pinpointing of the abnormality, thereby increasing your surgeon's ability to remove all of the abnormal tissue while reducing the removal of healthy tissue.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The mammogram technologist will take an x-ray of our breast using a special compression paddle. This will help determine the location of the abnormality. The radiologist will insert a needle into your breast pinpointing the location of the abnormality. X-ray pictures will be taken to confirm the location of the needle. When the radiologist has determined that the abnormality has been targeted, a wire will be threaded through the needle into your breast to mark the position of the abnormality. The needle will then be taken out. X-ray pictures will be taken to confirm the exact location of the wire. The wire will be taped to your skin and you will be ready to go to surgery.

POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: Your surgeon will receive the pathology results from your biopsy. He will discuss these results with you.

TIME FRAME: Approximately 1/2 to 1 hour.