Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a prescription refill?
You can contact the pharmacy at 701-530-6906 or toll free at 866-578-6848, or you can complete our on-line prescription refill form. Community Pharmacy will process your refill request promptly. Please review your prescription label to assure that refills are available.

If my prescription does not have refills available, will your pharmacy contact my physician?
Community Pharmacy will contact your physician for prescription refills at your request. Generally physicians request 24 hours to provide refill authorization to the pharmacy.The pharmacy will contact you if the physician requests that you be seen prior to refilling your medication.

Can you mail my prescriptions to me?
Community Pharmacy offers mail service unless your prescriptions require special handling. If your medication can be sent in a prescription bottle, it will be mailed FREE OF CHARGE. Orders that require additional packaging are subject to an additional $3.00 shipping charge. Products that require special shipping are subject to a $8.00 shipping charge. Orders that are received by 3:00 PM Central Standard Time will be shipped the same day and should be received within one to two days.

Do you provide compounded medications?
Community Pharmacy does compound prescription products. We will work with your physician to ensure that prescription medications are compounded to meet your needs.

Can my prescription be transferred from another pharmacy?
Yes it can. Community Pharmacy will contact your physician or pharmacy and transfer the prescription for you.

Do you provide print-outs for insurance and tax purposes?
Community Pharmacy provides detailed print-outs of prescription purchases to meet the needs of insurance companies as well as flexible medical spending accounts. This service is available without any cost to you.

What payment options do you have?
Community Pharmacy accepts cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, debit cards, and checks.