Pediatric Therapy Services

Pediatric Therapy Services

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a child learn the skills he or she needs to accomplish his or her goals.  At CHI St. Alexius Health’s Pediatric Therapy Services, our staff is dedicated to children and their families. Whether a child is speaking, walking or trying something new for the very first time, we look forward to taking that journey with you. After all, we’re here to help build lives and create dreams, one skill at a time.

CHI St. Alexius Health has been offering pediatric therapy services since 1975. We utilize a team approach for the treatment of neurological, orthopedic and genetic disorders, as well as problems associated with premature birth and developmental delays. Our team includes occupational, physical, and speech therapists who work closely with a child’s physician. Our goal is to assist each child to live the fullest life possible by enhancing function and promoting independence through therapeutic programming.

FREE Screening

CHI St. Alexius Health offers a FREE screening, by appointment, for children 0 - 13 years old.  A typical screening session takes approximately 20 minutes. The purpose of the screening is not to diagnose a disorder, but identify areas of concern and need for possible evaluation.  Please contact Rehabilitation Services’ receptionist at (701) 530-8200 at least two days in advance of when your child would be available for a screening.  If a formal evaluation is recommended, please contact your insurance provider for information regarding your benefits and coverage.

For more information on pediatric therapy services, contact us.