OrthopedicsThe Orthopedic Center of Excellence helps people recover from injury and disease by rebuilding knees, rehabilitating shoulders, repairing fingers and more.

The CHI St. Alexius Health Human Performance Center (HPC) offers physical and occupational therapy and sports rehabilitation facilities and is one of the area's premiere therapeutic, rehabilitation and conditioning facilities. The CHI St. Alexius Health Human Performance Center goes beyond medical therapies to provide a well-equipped health club and the Acceleration program, a proud member of the Athletic Republic.

Exercise is becoming a predominant form of therapy for extended medical conditions arising from chronic pain, neurological disorders and cancer. The qualified staff of exercise physiologists is able to prescribe and implement appropriate exercise routines based on a particular diagnosis. The HPC is one of the area's premiere therapeutic and rehabilitation facilities. It offers physical and occupational therapy in order to reduce acute pain and swelling associated with many orthopedic related injuries.

The therapists at the HPC will utilize a variety of modalities and manual treatments in order to reduce pain and swelling associated with acute joint and muscle injuries. An example of the unique equipment available at the HPC is the 3PQ and Accupower. In addition to traditional therapies the HPC is able to offer returning athletes the most advanced athletic testing and conditioning available to this region.

This proprietary equipment of the Athletic Republic measures generated force produced by the muscles in a very sport specific manner. The results are then analyzed against a central data base that provides a percentile ranking or your effort against the average produced by athletes across the globe. Another testing capability is the Biomechanical Assessment. Utilizing Dartfish Video Technology the staff of the HPC can identify inappropriate joint motions and forces which lead to overuse injures in virtually any application. Ask the care providers of the Bone and Joint Center if referral to the Human Performance Center is appropriate for you.

For more information about the CHI St. Alexius Health Human Performance Center, please call 701-530-8100 or 800-222-7858.

The Bone & Joint Center
Bone and Joint Center is the regions leader in general and specialized orthopedic surgery. The Bone and Joint Center's services include advance adult and pediatric spinal surgery, advanced surgery of the hand and upper extremities, endoscopic carpal tunnel release and total joint replacements, as well as a full array of sports medicine and rehabilitation services.


The Bone and Joint Center offers specialized orthopedic services in six areas:

  • Foot and Ankle Disorders
  • Joint Replacement
  • Orthopedic Trauma
  • Sports Medicine
  • Hand
  • Spine
For more information about the Bone and Joint Center, please call 701-530-8650 or 800-424-2663.


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