Respiratory Care

GPRS RespiratoryRespiratory therapists provide the hands-on care that helps patients recover from respiratory illness. Therapists are care givers, educators and advocates for their patients.

Home Oxygen Therapy Services
Stationary, portable and ambulatory oxygen systems are tailored to meet the medical needs and lifestyles of our customers.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Therapy
CPAP and bi-level pressure support devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep related breathing disorders.

Aerosol Therapy Devices
A variety of devices are available to assist in the delivery of aerosolized medications as well as monitoring devices to track airway function.

Airway Clearance Equipment and Supplies
Supplies and equipment to assist in the removal of airway secretions include:

  • Flutter Devices
  • Precursors
  • Suction Catheters
  • Suction Machines
  • Tracheotomy Supplies

Home Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical ventilators allow children and adults; who suffer from diseases and disabilities which prevent them from breathing on their own; to live at home.

Cardio Respiratory Monitoring
Apnea monitors are used to monitor heart rate and respiratory frequency for infants and gives an audible alarm when either parameters are outside a preset range.