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Battle Creek Pedlar Battle Creek Pedlar
Exerciser for cardiovascular fitness. Pedaling increases circulation without jarring joints. May be used for both upper and lower body. Comes fully assembled. Rubber pedals and straps.
Price: $47.09

Back Massager Homedics Back Massager
Moving dual massage mechanisms act like two hands providing an amazing massage experience. 
Price: $149.00

 Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu & Vibration Massager with Heat
The HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu & Vibration Massager sits comfortably around the neck offering Shiatsu and/or invigorating vibration.
Price: $34.99

Back Masseur w/ Heat Homedic Back Masseur w/ Heat
10 powerful motors provide an incredible massage. Ideal for use in the car, home, or office!
Price: $32.95

 Thera-Band Excercise Ball
The Thera-Band® SDS® (Slow Deflate System) Exercise Ball is recommended by professionals for specific populations where safety is a primary concern. The SDS® ball is designed to deflate slowly if punctured. Four common sizes are available for a custom fit. Each exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along with the Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises. SCPTM

Price: $18.95

 Homedics Sound Spa 
Indulge yourself in the ultimate at home relaxation. We've combined the latest technologies of light and sound to bring you a system that can calm even the most hectic of environments.
Price: $34.99

 Homedics Full Body Massge Mat
> 10-motor, invigorating massage 
> Customized massage zone settings: upper, middle and lower back and legs 
> Rolls up and stores easily 
> Soothing heat 
> Variable 2-speed massage intensity 
Price: $49.99

 Homedics HydraGel Massager w/ Heat
With the HydraGel™ Heated Massager, you can enjoy a relaxing, heated massage experience anywhere, anytime. A true performance & design innovation focuses the massage in the head of the unit, not in your hand or wrist.
Price: $24.99

 Homedics Compact Percussion Massage w/ Heat
HoMedics Compact Percussion Massage features: High-intensity massage Dual pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3,100 pulses per minute. Variable intensity control Variable 2-speed control allows you to go from relaxing to invigorating massage at the touch of a button. Includes attachments for soft, medium, firm, or heated operation. Comfortable to use Lightweight, contoured design that's easy to hold and use.
Price: $39.99

 Homedics Percussion Massager w/ Heat
> Invigorating massage
> With up to 3,100 pulses per minute
> Soothing heat
> Unit includes custom heat attachment heads for soothing heat with massage
> Variable speed control
> Choose from gentle to invigorating at the slide of a switch
> Includes two custom attachment sets for soft and heated massage application
> Foam grip for added comfort while in use
Price: $49.99

 Homedics Foot Pleaser Ultra
Deep kneading action like "true" thumb pressure, Soothing infrared heat, Convenient toe-touch control. Two sets of massage heads under each foot counter-rotate providing a relaxing massage. Use with or without heat.*
Price: $49.99

 Homedics Bubble Spa
Try this easy way to have a true spa experience in your home. The sophisticated design and luxurious features will pamper your feet from heel to toe. It's everything you need for the perfect pedicure!
Price: $39.99

 Homedics Para Spa
Rejuvenate tired, sore muscles and joints, while softening and smoothing skin. Enjoy warm, soothing relief from muscle tension and moisturise dry hands and feet. The ParaSpa Paraffin Bath turns your home into a salon, providing you with the ultimate experience by helping you to relax, relieve tension, and soothe sore muscles.
Price: $49.99

 Homedics Para Spa Wax
> 2 Lbs of Pure, Hypo-Allergenic Paraffin Wax Pearls™ -No scents or dyes to irritate sensitive skin. 
> Easy and Convenient - Two individual 1 lb. packages, refill as needed without mess. 
> Includes 20 Plastic Liners - Helps extend heat treatment for added therapeutic benefit.
Price: $9.99

 Neoprene Knee Sleeve
Standard pullover neoprene knee sleeve. Single layer front when added compression is not needed. Made of 1/8`` thick neoprene with a soft nylon extra space loop lining.

Price: $19.95

 Compressive Knee Support
Use this light, compressive support for swollen or tender resulting from sprains, strains, sport injuries, arthritis or post-operative rehabilitation.
Has one donut-shaped viscoelastic insert that supports the patella and applies focused compression to help relieve strain, also provides gentle massaging effect as the knee is flexed and extended. 
Price: $37.95

 Tennis Elbow Strap
The FLA Orthopedics Canvas Tennis Elbow Strap provides comfortable, firm support to stiff or aching elbows. The FLA Canvas Elbow strap helps relieve pain and tenderness due to elbow strain. Made with a canvas on the outside and a cool cotton lining inside, the FLA Canvas Elbow brace is comfortable to wear.
Price: $9.95

 Cock up Elastic Wrist Brace
FLA Orthopedics Elastic Cock-Up Wrist Brace has a wide, malleable and removable palmar stay to position the wrist in the cock-up position or can be reversed for the cock-down position.
Price: $15.95

 Acu-Shiatsu Massage Bar
Be your own massage therapist with the self-massaging tool, the Acu Shiatsu Bar. The Acu-Shistsu Bar features interchangeable heads allowing alternative levels of intensity and differing curve sizes for smaller/larger parts of the body.

Price: $24.95

 The Miracle Ball Method
The method is simple: Weight plus breathing equals relief. That is to say you put a ball under the part of your body that hurts, breath (sounds automatic, but in fact most of us hold our breath most of the time), and let the weight of your body be absorbed by the ball. In a way, you can think of the ball as a magnet for anxiety and pain--the stress is sucked out of your body and into the ball as your muscles release their tension. This book delivers a complete program for relief all over your body from head to toe. 

Price: $17.95

 Therapeutic Flax Pax
Designed to fit the contours of your body, the all natural Flax Heating Packs provide moist penetrating heat therapy. Heat 1-4 minutes in the microwave, DO NOT overheat. Melts away stress & very effective for easing headaches, and aches & pains due to muscle tension, arthritis or cramps. It's the kind of heat that "sinks in" the minute you put it on! Used & recommended by doctors of chiropractic as well as massage therapists. Can also be frozen & used for cool therapy.

Price: $26.95