Breastfeeding Supplies

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Medela Breast Pump Medela Pump in Style Advance Back Pack
An electric retail pump with research-based and hospital proven, 2-Phase Expression® Technology for more milk in less time.
Price: $279.99

Medela bottles Medela Collection Bottle Assembly
Medela's family of breastmilk feeding and storage products are and have always been made from safe, BPA-free materials. Medela breastmilk bottles work with medela breastpumps - pump, store and feed with the same bottle. Designed for long-term storage, breastmilk bottles, Pump & Save™ bags and 80ml bottles retain breastmilk's beneficial properties.
Price: $6.00

support belt Medela Maternity Support Belt
This super light, breathable spandex gently lifts and supports mom's tummy to reduce pressure on the bladder and ease lower back pain common during pregnancy.
Price: $19.99