Back and Cervical Aids

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Lumbar Cushion Lumbar Cushion 
Lumbar support helps ease lower back pain. This Orthopedic design helps keep spine in proper alignment.

Price: $18.95

 DMI Ring Cushion
The Molded Foam Donut Pillow is made of one-piece, puncture-proof molded foam. The ring shape of the cushion comfortably conforms to body contours reducing pressure point discomfort.

Price: $11.25

 Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion
This soft cushion swivels, eliminating the strain of twisting to get out of a car.

Price: $26.00

 Essentials Support Cushion
Designed to Provide Proper Lumbar Curvature while sitting or driving. The attached Strap Holds the Roll in Place.

Price: $12.20

 Leg Spacer
Unique Hour Glass Shape Provides Ideal Alignment for Spine, Knees and Hips.

Price: $21.95