Fitness at Human Performance Center

Individualized Care
Staff of the Human Performance Center (HPC) appreciate the commitment that is required to make fitness a part of your daily life. That commitment is highly personal and variable from person to person. That is why The HPC offers a wide assortment of membership opportunities; we understand that one approach does not work for all. 

At the HPC you will be able to purchase a membership that will allow for an independent approach to achieving your fitness goals. Or you can expand your membership to include exercise testing and prescription with personal training. The point is that you determine the level of support you desire and need in order to achieve your fitness goals. 

Trained Staff
The HPC considers fitness to be an extension of health care. In all aspects of your health care you look for the best doctor, the best nurse practitioner, the best therapist or the best trained provider. Why would you trust your fitness to someone who has not made the commitment to study the field and all of its complexity? Our staff consists of individuals who have degrees in fields of exercise science, exercise physiology and athletic training. Our staff is committed to help you achieve your goals.

The HPC offers a wide variety of well maintained exercise and weight equipment.
Complimentary Services
Towel Service

Spacious and Clean Gym
Highly Trained Staff
Well Maintained Equipment
Fitness and Strength Training Programs
Exercise for Extended Medical Conditions
Extended Cardiac Rehabilitation
Extended Surgical Rehabilitation
Youth Fitness Programs
Personal Training
Lockers available to rent