Emergency & Trauma

St. Alexius Medical Center is a good place to be when bad things happen. Our Emergency & Trauma Center is nationally verified as a Level II Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons. In a national study, preventable death rates dropped from 73 percent at conventional emergency rooms to 4 percent at verified trauma centers.

All of our Emergency Medicine physicians are trained in emergency medicine, meaning they have attained a high level of emergency medical expertise. Members of our Emergency & Trauma Center nursing staff have completed training in emergency care and are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. In addition, all are certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and have completed Trauma Nursing Core Course.

Our Emergency & Trauma Center consistently ranks high in patient satisfaction by Press Ganey, a national patient satisfaction survey company, and has been commended by the Centers for Disease Control for its disaster preparedness.

It's nice to know that with St. Alexius, you'll be in good hands in any emergency.

Injury prevention goes along way in the home. Check out this link for tips on how to keep your home safe.

Emergency & Trauma Medicine Physicians and Providers

Emergency & Trauma

The St. Alexius Human Performance Center is one of the area's premiere therapeutic and rehabilitation facilities. It offers physical and occupational therapy in order to reduce acute pain and swelling associated with many emergency related injuries. The therapists at the HPC will utilize a variety of modalities and manual treatments in order to reduce pain and swelling associated with acute trauma. A unique symptom of acute head trauma is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This condition creates balance difficulties. The HPC has trained specialist in the rehabilitation care of BPPV. Ask the care providers of the Emergency and Trauma COE if referral to the Human Performance Center is appropriate for you.

For more information about the St. Alexius Human Performance Center and its care of emergency related injures, please call 701-530-8100 or 800-222-7858.

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