Deep Brain Stimulation - Neuroscience

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of neurological symptoms-most commonly the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD), such as tremor (shaking), stiffness, slowed movement, and walking problems. The procedure is also used to treat essential tremor or shaking.

DBS does not cure Parkinson's, but it can help manage some of its symptoms and subsequently improve the patient's quality of life. Although most patients still need to take medication after undergoing DBS, many patients experience considerable reduction of their PD symptoms and are able to greatly reduce their medications.

St. Alexius Medical Center is currently the only hospital in North Dakota performing deep brain stimulation. Patients no longer need to travel great distances to benefit from this surgery.

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Deep Brain Stimulation Implanting Neurosurgeon
Dr. Steven Kraljic

For more information about the Neuroscience Center or about the referral process for Deep Brain Stimulation, please call the Neuroscience Center Coordinator at 701-530-6503.