Balance and Dizziness Center - Neuroscience

Balance disorders are common. Balance is a complicated body function requiring information from the inner ear, the eyes, and senses from the joints and muscles. The most common causes for dizziness and balance problems are age-related changes, inner ear disorders, head trauma, stroke, infections, medication and diabetes. The Balance and Dizziness Center offers specific evaluation and treatment for individuals with symptoms of dizziness or imbalance.

CHI St. Alexius Health is proud to offer Computerized Dynamic Posturography, a test that evaluates the ability to maintain balance in a variety of conditions.

The healthcare professionals at the Balance and Dizziness Center have advanced training in treating vestibular (inner ear) and neurological disorders. Based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation, your therapist will customize a treatment plan.

Balance and Dizziness Center Medical Director
Dr. S. Shiraz Hyder

Balance and Dizziness Center Neurologists
Dr. Farhan Tariq
Dr. Chatree Wongjirad

For more information, please call the CHI St. Alexius Health Human Performance Center at (701) 530-8106 or the Neuroscience Coordinator at (701) 530-6640.