Super Treadmills

Acceleration at the Human Performance Center

When an athlete improves his or her speed it is generally accomplished by an improvement in stride frequency or stride length or both. The Super Treadmill develops and enhances neuromuscular response by requiring an athlete to run at increased speeds and elevations, which will develop stride frequency and stride length. When you run on your own and you begin to slow down either your stride frequency is slowing down or your stride length is shortening. But imagine stepping onto a treadmill that is never slowing down. It forces you to maintain your stride frequency and stride length. And if you are having trouble maintaining stride frequency or stride length, our Acceleration trainer standing right next to you will be helping and coaching you. We promise that you will never run this hard on your own!

The Super Treadmill has been studied by multiple universities and medical institutions and has been shown to be one of the most effective tools in creating a normal running style. By using our Super Treadmill, an athlete will develop better running form, better stride frequency, better stride length and improved athletic skill!