Hockey Acceleration

Acceleration at the Human Performance Center

The Hockey Acceleration Program at the HPC offers a competitive advantage to hockey athletes with the revolutionary Hockey Treadmill, unique to the program. Unique advantages to participants include improvement in body awareness, power and explosiveness, sprint speed and overall conditioning.

While under the supervision of our professionally trained staff, the athlete skates uphill at various speeds and elevations for specific periods of time. This provides additional load on the muscles in the exact form and sequence in which they are used for skating on ice. Immediate feedback on proper skating mechanics is given by the use of full length mirrors and individualized instruction. The program is tailored to the age and capability of the athlete.

Hockey Treadmill
The Hockey Treadmill is made of an ultra-high molecular polyethylene surface that tilts to a 35 degree incline, and can run at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. The Hockey Treadmill is designed to increase the athlete's power, explosiveness and speed. These training sessions also train the body to recover quicker from the acids and enzymes released during quick intense efforts similar to those in a hockey game. This enables the athlete to play as hard in the third period as in the first period.

Plyometric Sessions
Plyometrics are explosive movements designed to develop body awareness, coordination, agility, lateral and diagonal movements, speed, balance, vertical jump and lower body strength.

Strength Training Sessions
An individualized strength training program is developed for each athlete. The athlete's progress is monitored by our trained staff to ensure maximum results.

Cord Sessions
The cord sessions are plyometric drills that incorporate the use of resistance training through sprint cord applications. These advanced movements enhance the stretch reflex and develop muscle patterning and body control.

The Program
The program is six weeks. Each week consists of:
• Two skating sessions on the Hockey Treadmill
• One plyometric session
• One cord session
• Two to three strength training



Full Goalie Program (4 sessions weekly - 6 - 8 weeks) $ 450.00
Full program (4 sessions weekly - 6 - 8 weeks) $ 450.00
Half program (4 sessions weekly  -   3 - 4 weeks) $ 295.00
Full Program (3 sessions weekly  - 4 - 6 weeks) $ 369.00
Half program (3 sessions weekly  - 3 - 4 weeks) $ 240.00
12 treadmill sessions $ 270.00
Team Discount available upon request (4-7 athletes)* or (8 or more athletes)  
**all athletes qualifying for the team discount must all be pre-paid prior to the start of the program.