Golf Program

Golf Program

Take your game to the next level!

This program will improve:

  1. Your understanding of the golf swing.
  2. Your swing mechanics.
  3. Your ball contact.
  4. Your functional golf strength.
  5. Your golf flexibility.
  6. Your overall confidence.

Unique Features:
Athletic power in the golf swing is developed by applying resistance while maintaining proper swing mechanics. It is essential that normal joint velocities are maintained while resistance is applied. The sport cord is the only patented resistive device that can be used when striking a golf ball. It is considered by many as the premier resistive device for golf swing development.

A picture is worth 3 to 4 strokes! DartFish technology provides video feedback to the golfer. By watching a delayed video presentation of each swing the golf student is able to develop internal imagery in order to produce external changes. This is one of the most effective ways to learn a motor skill such as the golf swing.

The Program:
This program is designed to start in January and finish during the early part of the golf season. The first session will be a video taping of your current swing. The video will then be analyzed by a PGA pro! You and the HPC instructor will then review the video and PGA analysis together in order to gain a better understanding of what changes will be made to your swing.

Sixteen functional sessions will then be scheduled with the HPC instructor. The last four sessions can be reserved as tune up sessions during the season. At the appropriate time in your swing development you will be introduced to the sport cord resistive device and DartFish video feedback.

Free access to cardio and weight equipment is provided during this two month training period. At the end of the program you will be provided with a DVD of your current swing and suggestions on how to continue your way towards a better swing.

The Golf Program:
$560.00 ($675.00 value)

If the program is not for you, but you would like to use some of its components you can! Here are the costs:
Swing Analysis:
By PGA Pro - $100.00
By HPC staff - $ 50.00

Individual Lessons:
$60.00 per hour or $30.00 per half hour

It is well known that physical fitness will enhance your overall golf game. The HPC offers a wide variety of fitness programs, personal training, and weight programs. Check into one today.