Baseball and Softball Hitting and Throwing Program

Acceleration at the Human Performance Center

The Hitting and Throwing Programs are unique athletic enhancement programs developed by the Human Performance Center featuring the Athletic Republic proprietary resistance cords. This multi-level, 5-week program focuses on the specifics of hitting, stance, balance, stride, hand placement, timing and swing mechanics.

A member of the Acceleration staff will meet with each athlete for two 30 minute sessions each week for five weeks. The learning process is enhanced by incorporating the patented, resistive Hitting, Throwing and Power Cords.

These various resistive cords have quickly gained popularity with professional hitting coaches and professional baseball players. (see magazines at Athletic Republic online)

There are no other training devices available today which enhance the power of the baseball/softball swing as specifically as Athletic Republic's Hitting and Power Cords. Athletic Republic's warm up cord and Throwing cord specifically warm up and strengthen all chest and shoulder muscles used in the throwing motion.

Hitting Program

The program consists of three levels:

Level One: 

  • Swing analysis and correction of errors.
  • Swing variables are reduced. 
  • Specific swing strength is developed.

Level Two: 

  • Continued refinement of swing mechanics. 
  • Swing variables are introduced. 
  • Additional work on specific swing strength and core development. 

Level Three: 

  • Continued refinement of swing mechanics. 
  • Swing variables are increased and live hitting is introduced. 
  • Additional work on specific swing strength and core development included with live hitting.

Each level is a prerequisite of the next level.

Hitting program with video analysis - $285
Hitting program without video analysis - $225

Throwing Program

The program consists of six phases:

  • Week 1 Video Analysis and Wind-up Phase
  • Week 2 Cocking Phase and Stride Component
  • Week 3 Cocking Phase and Arm Component 
  • Week 4 Acceleration Phase
  • Week 5 Deceleration/Follow Through Phase and Video Analysis

Throwing program with video analysis - $285
Throwing program without video analysis - $225

Bring the benefits of the warm up cord to the field by purchasing your very own warm-up cord at the HPC. Discounts are available for the Hitting and Throwing Program participants. To sign up for these programs call 701-530-8102 or 800-222-7858. There are limited times available for these programs do not delay.