Acceleration for Sport

Acceleration at the HPC is a scientifically designed program to develop an athlete's quickness, agility, dynamic sprint speed, strength and overall confidence. Athletes who have gone through the intense six-week program have recorded an average speed improvement of two tenths of a second in their 40-yard dash times and an increase of 2-4 inches in their vertical jump. This extra speed and height can, and in many cases will, spell the difference between success and failure for an athlete in competition.

Acceleration at the HPC is an all-encompassing performance enhancement training program ideal for all athletes at the youth, high school, college and professional level. There are five levels with each level of training involving greater intensity. Once you have been through one level, then participated in your sport, you may want to come back for the next level.

The program consists of the following components and each week the athlete will complete:
• Two sprint work-outs on the Super Treadmill
• One plyometric session
• One cord session
• Two to three strength training sessions to be completed on athlete's own time.

Super Treadmill
Sprint training takes place on a treadmill that has a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The treadmill can create a 40% incline and a 15% decline. The Super Treadmill is designed to increase the athlete's acceleration, sprint speed and anaerobic tolerance.

Plyometric Sessions
Plyometrics is a progressive jumping program that enhances acceleration, agility, lateral and diagonal movements, balance, coordination, vertical jump and lower body strength.

Strength Training Sessions
The weight training sessions are customized to increase strength in muscles specific to increasing speed, quickness. An individualized strength training program is developed for each athlete and progress is monitored by our trained staff to ensure maximum results.


Resistive Cords
Viscoelastic cords are used in conjunction with the actual skill of the sport. These cords uniquely stimulate neuromuscular response that no other device has been able to duplicate. The five different resistive cords are named: 
1. The Power Cord
2. The Sprint Cord
3. The Throwing Cord
4. The Hitting Cord
5. The Kicking Cord


How to Schedule
During the first six weeks of the training block you need to schedule:
• 2 treadmill sessions per week
• 1 plyometric session per week 
• 1 cord session per week
• You will need to complete 2-3 weight sessions per week on your own. Only the first lift needs to be scheduled by appointment.

One to two weeks after the last training session, you will need to schedule a final max session. This session takes approximately one hour. 

Note: There are specific and limited times that treadmills, cords and plyometrics are offered. Please do everything you can to avoid missing a scheduled session. 

Additional Sport Specific Training available:
Additional sport specific programs are offered and individualized for your specific sport (i.e. football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.) These sport specific programs are offered in conjunction with Acceleration. In order to complete your sport specific training an additional 10 ½ hours are scheduled into your regular program.

Full program (4 sessions weekly - 6 - 8 weeks) $ 370.00
Half program (4 sessions weekly  -   3 - 4 weeks) $ 240.00
Full Program (3 sessions weekly  - 4 - 6 weeks) $ 299.00
Half program (3 sessions weekly  - 3 - 4 weeks) $ 185.00
12 treadmill sessions $ 220.00
Plyometrics Program $ 200.00
Plyo / Cord Program $ 210.00
Plyo Platform Cord Program $ 220.00
Backpedal Program $ 220.00
Sport Specific Training (10  - 1 hour sessions) $ 275.00 (with base program)
  $ 380.00 (without base program)
Hunting Conditioning Program (12 treadmill sessions) $ 220.00
Team Discount available upon request (4-7 athletes)* or (8 or more athletes)  
**all athletes qualifying for the team discount must all be pre-paid prior to the start of the program.