Frappier Acceleration Sports Training (FAST) was founded by North Dakota native John Frappier, an exercise physiology and kinesiology graduate from Kansas State in the early 1980's. In 1991 St. Alexius became the first licensee of Frappier Acceleration Sports Training. Today Frappier Acceleration Sports Training is known as Athletic Republic with franchised training centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and Russia.

Acceleration at the HPC continues as a licensee of Athletic Republic. All of the training methods are the training methods of Athletic Republic. When you train at the HPC you will see promotional material for both Acceleration and Athletic Republic.

You can expect to experience the most scientifically based methodology available today for developing athletic skill and movement. Athletic skill and movement has a very precise response to training. Athletic skill must be trained with consideration given to the type of action, velocity of action, direction in which the action occurs, angle at which action occurs, the length of the muscle performing the action, and the quality of the movement produced by the supporting function of assisting and stabilizing muscle groups. If any of these aspects are varied too greatly the development of athletic skill is diminished.

Currently there are 16 recognized types of strength. General strength, being able to move more weight, is one of those 16 forms of strength. General strength gives you the ability to push more weight; however it may not improve your skill as an athlete. Special strength is strength that considers the type of action, velocity of action, direction in which the action occurs, angle at which action occurs, the length of the muscle performing the action, and the quality of the movement produced by the supporting function of assisting and stabilizing muscle groups. Developing Special Strength always improves athletic skill because Special Strength and Athletic Skill have the same training parameters. Special Strength and Athletic Skill are the specialty of Acceleration! Let us show you how to improve all forms of strength leading to the timely development of Special Strength just prior to your season.

Acceleration features proprietary equipment of Athletic Republic. The Super Treadmill develops and enhances the neuromuscular response by running at top speeds and develop special strength by utilizing increased grades up to 40%. Further Special Strength is developed by the use of the sport cord technologies which create a sport specific response without excessively overloading a muscle or joint's capabilities.

Acceleration has multiple and progressive conditioning levels leading to several professional levels. Acceleration can be used as a pre-season conditioning program, post-season conditioning program or part of a year-round training program designed by the Acceleration professionals at the HPC.

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  • Athletic Republic - National Website
  • Download the Service Menu brochure here.
  • Acceleration for Sport - Acceleration is a multi sport training program. The core components are designed to improve running form, increase vertical jump height, improve agility and quickness, and increase resistance to fatigue. Each basic or core program can be expanded to work on specific skill sets within any sport. It will make you a better athlete! For more information.
  • Accupower and 3PQ - Force measurements are generally used to determine if someone can return to recreational or sporting activities. Most force measurements are performed in a position that does not mimic the athletic posture or functional positions of sport. Acccupower and 3PQ Force plate technology provides the ability to test the functional position of an athletic skill, thus creating the most accurate method of testing lower extremity and core strength. If you desire the most functional test to determine if you are ready to return to sport, request the 3PQ or Accupower test. For more information.
  • Baseball /Softball Hitting and Throwing Program - If you play baseball or softball you will want to participate in this program. This one on one training program focuses on technique, core strength, and repeatable positive outcomes. This program has improved the overall performance of veterans of the sport and has taught proper technique to those just starting. This is a must if you want to be a better baseball or softball player. For more information.
  • Bridge Program - Most injured athletes have experienced a gap between their therapy and getting back into playing shape. The HPC has bridged that gap with the Bridge Program. Your previous therapy exercises will be progressed into functional sport activities with an emphasis on retuning you to a conditioned level better than your pre injury form. This program provides you with the same level of sports rehabilitation that is offered to college and professional athletes. For more information.
  • Cord Technologies
  • Golf Program - Whether you are a high or low handicapper, you will enjoy the experience provided by the Golf Program. This unique combination of education, video analysis, special strength training, and fun will improve your consistency on the golf course. For more information.
  • Hockey Acceleration - Hockey Acceleration is the hottest growing trend in the USA and around the world. Olympic Training Centers, NHL organizations, Division One Hockey programs are beginning to use Hockey Acceleration as their primary off ice training program. If you desire to improve your explosiveness on the ice, your stick and puck handling or your resistance to fatigue this is the program for you. For more information.
  • Plyometrics
  • Rate of Force Development
  • Super Treadmills
  • Weight Training
  • Acceleration proudly introduces the NIKE SPARQ Vapor Strobe. The NIKE SPARQ Vapor Strobe eyewear is a unique device created by Dr. Reichow that enhances both the physical and visual skills of an athlete. The NIKE SPARQ Vapor Strobe eyewear is another example of the commitment that Acceleration and Athletic Republic have in providing the most advanced form of training available. For more information...