Ways to Give

There are many ways donors can support St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation and enhance healthcare for our community and region. To learn more about each program, click your mouse on a title or arrow below or download the brochure. To learn how your gift can qualify for a North Dakota 40 percent income tax credit, please click here.

Supporter Society – Annual Membership Program


Supporter Society

Supporter Society was created to give you an opportunity to enhance patient care at St. Alexius Medical Center. As a non-profit healthcare facility, our journey of healing continues every day. Contributions we receive touch every aspect of the medical center and help us fulfill our mission to “Let all be received as Christ.” Your contribution continues to make a difference as we invest in new facilities, technologies and services that better meet the region’s healthcare needs.

We invite you to join us in our journey of healing through our annual membership program by making an annual contribution of $250 or more.

Supporter Society Member benefits:

  • Receive St. Alexius Foundation’s bi-annual newsletter, The Journey
  • An invitation to St. Alexius Foundation’s quarterly planned giving seminars
  • Recognition at our annual Gratitude Gala

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Healing Society – Annual Pledge Program


Healing Society

People want to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. Healing Society was designed to provide you an opportunity to be part of a heritage that is making a difference in the region’s current and future healthcare needs. As a non-profit medical center, donations we receive help us continue to provide this region with new medical facilities, technologies and programs that better serve those who seek healing at St. Alexius Medical Center.

We invite you to join us in our heritage of healing by pledging an annual donation of $500 or more for five years.

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Alexian Society – Planned Gifts Program


Alexian Society

Alexian Society was established to ensure St. Alexius Medical Center’s ability to provide healing to our region now and in the future. By choosing to set up a planned gift at St. Alexius Foundation, you become part of our healing journey. To qualify, individuals must name St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or establish a gift annuity, life estate or irrevocable remainder agreement. Individuals may choose to donate a paid-up life insurance policy and name St. Alexius as owner and beneficiary of the estate.

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Click here for information about our upcoming financial planning seminars.

Grateful Patient and Families Program


Grateful Patient and Families

Grateful Patient and Families Program gives our patients, families and friends the chance to say, "thank you," to those who cared for them – physicians, nurses, therapists and other members of St. Alexius Medical Center's healthcare team. Your gift helps us change lives and benefits our community for years to come. It allows us to purchase the most modern equipment, administer continuing education for nurses and other staff and provide the healing presence represented by our mission "Let all be received as Christ."

When you make a donation through St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation’s Grateful Patient and Families Program, the individual you honor receives a thank you card to indicate a donation was made in their name. They will receive recognition within the Medical Center through St. Alexius employee publications and other avenues of internal communication.

When making a donation please include the person’s name in the “St. Alexius associate(s) this donation is being made in honor of” section. We encourage you to share your story in the “Tell us your story” section.

If you choose to donate at least $250 you will become a Supporter Society member (see Supporter Society tab). You also may consider making an annual pledge of $500 or more for five years and become a Healing Society member (see Healing Society tab).

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Fundraising Events


Annual Fundraisers

Throughout the year, St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation organizes several events to raise awareness and funds to enhance patient care. Click on the links below to learn about each event and how you can make a difference in promoting the health of our community and region by becoming a sponsor.




Each year St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation provides scholarships to students and/or employees pursing a degree in healthcare.

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Medical Areas and Funds to Support


Medical Areas and Funds

By choosing to make a donation to St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation, you help elevate healthcare in our community and region. You can direct your donation to fund a specific department, program or area. You also can choose to support St. Alexius Foundation’s Journey Fund, where contributions benefit today’s areas of greatest need within the Medical Center.

Lastly, by donating to St. Alexius Medical Center Endowment Fund, your gift can live on as it benefits current and future needs in the Medical Center and community.

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Volunteer Services


Volunteer Services

Welcome to the Volunteer Program at St. Alexius Medical Center. Volunteers are an important part of our healthcare system. They are committed to providing services to patients, families of patients and staff. The efforts of our volunteers don't go unnoticed. They provide the "extras" that may otherwise be impossible to offer.

If you enjoy meeting people and would like to volunteer in a caring, hospitable environment, we would take pleasure in hearing from you.

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