The St. Alexius Foundation - The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life at St. Alexius Medical Center
The Tree of Life is a visual testimonial to the generosity of our donors. Donors can pay tribute to the memory of a friend or loved one. They can honor a physician, nurse, therapist or another member of St. Alexius Medical Center's healthcare team. If preferred, donors can have their name carved in communication of their gift.

Tree of LifeLocated in the main lobby of St. Alexius Medical Center is a handsome display recognizing and honoring those contributions of $1,000 or more to St. Alexius Foundation. The name of the donor is engraved on a leaf of the tree. An engraved stone under the tree identifies gifts of $10,000 or more.

The specific amounts contributed are not shown and any donor desiring to remain anonymous may certainly do so. All donations are acknowledged, and cards are sent to honored individuals or to the families of those honored by your generosity.

All contributions to St. Alexius Foundation go to the enhancement of patient care at St. Alexius Medical Center. Gifts received make a difference each day in the lives of our patients, families and staff who care for them. Consider investing in the health and well-being of your friends and family by helping us meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of our community. To learn how you can be part of our healing journey, click on “Ways to Give” in the menu to the left.