Medical Areas and Funds to Support

Ultrasound GroupBy choosing to make a donation to CHI St. Alexius Health Foundation, you help elevate health care in our community and region. You can direct your donation to fund a specific department, program or area. You also can choose to support CHI St. Alexius Health Foundation’s Journey Fund, where contributions benefit today’s areas of greatest need within the medical center. Lastly, by donating to CHI St. Alexius Health's Endowment Fund, your gift can live on as it benefits current and future needs in the Medical Center and community.

Donations to each department, program, area and fund will enhance patient care through new technologies, services and facilities or by helping associates maintain a high level of excellence through continuing education.

Your gift truly makes a difference each day in the lives of our patients, families and the staff who care for them. Consider investing in the health and well-being of your friends and family by helping us meet the ever-changing health care needs of our community.

Cancer Center of Excellence


Cancer Center of Excellence

Our 14-bed inpatient oncology unit is staffed by certified oncology nurses who guide your care with the most current evidence available. The department is designed to provide you and your support persons a relaxing and healing environment.

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Children's Health


The Children’s Center Alex Town

CHI St. Alexius Health is dedicated to providing children with the comprehensive care they need in an environment that enhances a child’s healing process. The new theme of The Children’s Center is based on our official mascot, “Alex The Cat.” Alex Town is a 7-bed unit with a small town theme including a fire station, police station, train depot/tunnel, toy store, pet shop, central park, civic center, zoo, aquarium, planetarium and a variety of animals expressed in wall murals. The unit also features current gaming systems, a “street” for walking or riding bike, a working stop light and playroom.

Donate now to support the health of our future – our children.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatology encompasses the care of an infant both before and after birth by a physician who has additional training and is skilled and equipped to handle critical newborn situations. CHI St. Alexius Health’s neonatologists have access to technology and equipment to care for those who are born prematurely, with respiratory or cardiac complications or with life threatening medical conditions. When a baby needs the services of our NICU it can be a difficult time for the baby’s family members, especially the parents. When you donate to the NICU you help ease parents’ worries as they know their newborn will receive the best possible care with state-of-the-art technology.

Make a gift in support of our community’s new born babies.

Endowment Fund – CHI St. Alexius Health's Endowment Fund


Endowment Fund – CHI St. Alexius Health's Endowment Fund

CHI St. Alexius Health's Endowment Fund was created to give donors an opportunity to make a difference now and into the future. The endowment fund is a permanent, irrevocable fund. Income from the endowment fund is used by CHI St. Alexius Health to enhance medical areas and programs that are of greatest need in the medical center and community, now and in the future. By donating to the endowment fund, gifts can qualify for a 40% North Dakota income tax credit if they meet specific criteria. Click here to learn how your gift can qualify for a 40% tax credit.

Make a gift now to support current and future needs.

Heart and Vascular


Heart and Vascular

CHI St. Alexius Health Heart & Vascular Center offers comprehensive treatment programs for diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels. Interventional cardiologists, radiologists and cardiovascular surgeons are specially trained in a variety of procedures including non-surgical or less invasive techniques and open surgeries. The center is dedicated to educating and caring for our patients through leading-edge treatments delivered by our skilled and compassionate team.

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Home Health and Hospice


Home Health and Hospice

CHI St. Alexius Health Home Health and Hospice is the largest regional provider of home care, hospice, and personal care and homemaking services (known as Extend-A-Care). All services are provided in a person's place of residence by a team of highly qualified, compassionate professionals. By choosing CHI St. Alexius Health Home Health and Hospice the continuum of care is preserved through a comprehensive array of health services.

Donate now to enhance home health and hospice patient care.

We Honor Veterans Campaign

CHI St. Alexius Health Home Health and Hospice is proud to participate in the We Honor Veterans Campaign, a campaign developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Through the We Honor Veterans Campaign’s community education and clinical best practices, CHI St. Alexius Health Home Health and Hospice can ensure that excellent end-of-life-care is provided to our nation’s veterans and their families. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to honoring and serving our nation’s heroes.

Make a contribution now to honor our nation’s veterans.

Journey Fund – Area of Greatest Need


Journey Fund

CHI St. Alexius Health’s Journey Fund is an undesignated fund designed to enhance overall care for patients who choose CHI St. Alexius Health. Funding benefits and supports a higher standard of patient care. Each year Journey Fund dollars are set aside to enhance patient care to the areas of greatest need within the medical center.

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Regional Renal Services


Regional Renal Services

CHI St. Alexius Health Regional Renal Services offers comprehensive management and therapy options for all stages of kidney disease and kidney failure. This includes acute and chronic dialysis as well as home peritoneal dialysis and training.

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Spiritual Services and Chapel Fund


Spiritual Services and Chapel Fund

CHI St. Alexius Health, sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters, is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition of understanding the important role faith and spirituality can play in alleviating stress and promoting health and healing. Chaplaincy is about healing, sustaining, guiding and reconciling. Our purpose is to be present, listen, seek patients’ concerns, and invite them to articulate and define what their spiritual needs and wishes may be.

CHI St. Alexius Health’s chapel provides a place of prayer and solace for those seeking spiritual strength in times of need. In keeping with the Benedictine values, the chapel stands as a testament to the care and compassion received by patients, friends and family at CHI St. Alexius Health.

Support the spiritual aspects of healthcare by making a donation.