About St. Alexius Foundation

St. Alexius Foundation was established in 1988 as the philanthropic arm of St. Alexius Medical Center. The purpose of St. Alexius Foundation is to receive, recognize and manage donations of cash and other assets which support the programs, services and technologies at St. Alexius Medical Center.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your contribution is tax-deductible and will make a positive impact on the health of our community and region by enhancing patient care at St. Alexius Medical Center.  Donor Bill of Rights

St. Alexius Foundation’s Mission



St. Alexius Foundation’s mission is to advocate and advance the Medical Center’s healing presence for the benefit of the patients, families, associates and communities we serve.

About St. Alexius Medical Center



St. Alexius Medical Center was established in 1885 by a group of Benedictine Sisters who recognized a need for healthcare in this region. It is a nonprofit, community-owned hospital. In 2012, St. Alexius’ community benefit was $31,156,399, which helped to provide access to healthcare for all, fund the unpaid costs of the uninsured or underinsured, and support education and prevention programs in our community. To learn more about St. Alexius Medical Center click here.

Greetings from St. Alexius Medical Center’s Board Chairperson


Sister Nancy Miller, OSB
St. Alexius Medical Center’s Board Chairperson

Since 1885, St. Alexius Medical Center has maintained a longstanding tradition of healing and hospitality. With no healthcare facility between St. Paul and Seattle, the Benedictine Sisters began their healthcare ministry in Bismarck.

Bismarck and St. Alexius Medical Center have grown side-by-side. While many things have changed since the 1880s, one thing remains constant…our mission to receive and serve all as Christ. Through Christ's healing ministry, we serve everyone who enters our doors with care and compassion.

St. Alexius is rooted on the strong foundation laid by the first sisters, physicians and staff. The mission and spirit that guided the founders of St. Alexius now guides those who continue the mission - to further the ministry of Jesus. Just as the early pioneers of St. Alexius forged ahead, so, today, do the administration, physicians, and staff. Through their service and commitment, the Medical Center's influence and reputation has spread throughout the region.

Today, we continue to embrace the frontier spirit. Our genuine care and concern for people ensures that patients experience the kind of care they value: compassionate, thorough and often ranking among the top hospitals in the nation. The mission of St. Alexius continues to inspire us to provide excellent healthcare and to guide our healing presence.

St. Alexius is grateful for your support, your belief in our mission and values and for your prayers. May God look upon you and yours and bless you with abiding love and peace. May God continue to rain blessings of courage and commitment onto you as you join with us as stewards of St. Alexius and its Foundation.

Meet St. Alexius Foundation’s Staff


Foundation Staff

Kilee Harmon – Development Director
Erica Davis – Project Specialist

Meet St. Alexius Foundation’s Resource Cabinet


Resource Cabinet

Established in 2012, St. Alexius Foundation’s Resource Cabinet serves as an advisory group to St. Alexius Foundation. It is comprised of 12 community leaders who have a passion for St. Alexius’ mission, “Let all be received as Christ.” Members are excited to assist St. Alexius define and shape a culture of healing.

Current members are as follows:
Josh Askvig, AARP
Sr. Kathleen Atkinson, Annunciation Monastery
Kari Cutting, North Dakota Petroleum Council
Bob Eastgate, Eastgate Funeral Services
Patrick Niemackl, Ryan Dodge
Tonya Holmstrom, Eide Bailly
Mike Mabin, Agency MABU
Bill Marion, Dakota Eye Institute
David Mason, American Bank Center
Jane Cleary
Kathy Miller
Diane Roller

Pillars of the Foundation


Throughout its 129 year history, there are many individuals who have made a significant impact on CHI St. Alexius Health and its Foundation. In 2014, the Pillars of the Foundation award was created to pay tribute to those who have changed the course
of history for CHI St. Alexius Health and in turn helped transform the region’s healthcare for the better.

Recipients are announced each year at Gratitude Gala, Foundation’s annual event thanking its friends. In addition, they are featured in Foundation’s bi-annual newsletter The Journey and on the Pillars of the Foundation plaque erected near the
Tree of Life.

To guide the nomination and selection process a subcommittee of Foundation’s Resource Cabinet established the following criteria:

  • Recipients are a long-time volunteer and/or donor to CHI St. Alexius Health Foundation.
  • Recipients have made a significant impact on CHI St. Alexius Health’s history.
  • Recipients are more than likely community members; however, associates can receive the recognition.

2014 Pillars of the Foundation recipient – Ruby Jeannette Gay Whittey