Herbel, Brent - MD

To make an appointment with Dr. Herbel, please call 530-3595 or 1-800-732-1142, Extension 3595.

Brent Herbel, MD, is a board-certified Interventional Radiologist with St. Alexius Medical Center. Interventional Radiologists perform minimally invasive targeted treatments of uterine fibroids, blood clots, blocked arteries and more.

Interventional Radiologists use imaging (x-rays) to guide a catheter inside the body, usually through an artery, to deliver treatment right to the problem. The Inteventional Radiologist also can deliver clotting agents (coils, plastic particles, gel, foam, etc.) directly to an area of the body that is bleeding or to block blood flow to an area, such as a cancerous tumor.

Dr. Herbel earned his medical degree from the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks and completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Ga. He then completed a fellowship in vascular interventional radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Location of Practice: 

CHI St. Alexius Health Interventional Radiology Clinic

310 North 10th Street
Bismarck  North Dakota  58501
(701) 530-3595
Toll Free: 
(800) 732-1142 x3595