Toastmasters Club at St. Alexius

Day: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month
Time: 12 - 1 PM
Place: St. Alexius Boardroom
Fees: $5 per month & $20 one-time new membership

Membership Brochure
Roles and Responsibilities

Toastmasters Meeting Form
Business Agenda Form
Business Meeting Form
General Evaluation Form
Timer's Form
Ah Counter Form
Grammarians Log
Mentor Checklist

For information on Toastmasters feel free to contact any of the following officers:

Susan Sisk, Administration, 530.8850

Immediate Past President
Keith Horner, Pharmacy, 530.6922

Vice President of Education
Justin Wilson, Biomed, 530.7970

Vice President of Membership
Jennifer Schiermeister, The Clinics of St. Alexius, 530-6580

Vice President of Public Relations
Lynn Hoffman, The Clinics of St. Alexius, 530-7655

Faye Hagen, Patient Access, 530.7118

Amber Fox, Rehabilitation Services, 530-8184

Sergeant at Arms
Justin Wilson, Biomed, 530-7970