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Admission into the Professional Program
The RT Program accepts eight students each year. Application forms are available from the RT school at CHI St. Alexius Health and from the program advisor at University of Mary. A non-refundable $25.00 application fee is required. Applications should be completed and turned in to the RT Pogram by January 1 for consideration for admission into the professional program. (Directions on how to apply are below.) The professional program begins at the end of August each year.

To be considered for admission, applicants must complete all pre-professional courses prior to January 1. Students must complete B.S. graduation requirements upon completion of the professional curriculum in order to be awarded the Certificate of Completion from the Radiologic Technology Program.

Steps in the Admission Process

1. Apply for admission to University of Mary.
2. Apply for admission to the Radiologic Technology Program. (Admission to University of Mary is a prerequisite for admission to the RT program.)
3. Send official copies of all college transcripts from other universities to University of Mary.
4. Prior to the January 1 deadline, submit to the RT Program the following:

A. Completed application form  
B. $25.00 application fee (non-refundable)  
C. High school and University of Mary transcripts
D. Act scores  
E. Three letters of recommendation / references  
F. Signed waiver forms

5. Appear for a personal interview with the RT Program admissions committee, if invited. (The admissions committee determines whether the applicant meets preliminary qualifying criteria and contacts qualified applicants to schedule the personal interview.)

After the interview, applicants are notified by mail regarding their admission status. This is the criteria for admission:

1. This internship is contingent upon your finishing and passing all pre-requisite courses. A failing grade in any core course automatically forfeits your internship position.
2. Scoring results are based on a formula that allots point value for certain areas. Total points for the applicant are split into two areas. The percent total is based on a formula that includes your college GPA, ACT scores, anatomy and physiology GPA, work experience and letters of  reference. The remaining percent is calculated from your personal interview. Applicants are ranked in order. The top eight are selected, and up to three alternates are chosen.
3. Your overall GPA must be a minimum of 2.5 .
4. Your science and math GPA must be a minimum of a C in each course.
5. Your written and communication skills are taken into account. 

Admission is competitive; fulfillment of admission criteria does not guarantee admission.

Upon admission, students are required to submit a $200 non-refundable acceptance fee to the program within five working days. This fee holds a spot in our program for you and is applied toward your clinical expenses. If we don’t hear from you, we will move on to an alternate candidate.

Clinical expenses:

1. Anatomical markers
2. Computer access (monthly logs, evaluations, daily time records, memos, etc.)
3. Film badges (monthly)
4. Name tags
5. Debit cards

Essential Functional Requirements
To perform essential functions required of radiologic technologists, applicants for admission must be able to:

1. Efficiently perform manual tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, strength and fine motor manipulative skills.
2. Move quickly in small, confined spaces and use stairs.
3. Comprehend and follow basic instructions.
4. Communicate in an effective manner.
5. Have the intellectual capacity to calculate and select proper technical \ exposure factors for radiographic examinations.

Transfer Students
Pre-professional credits may be transferred from other accredited colleges or universities. Requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree include completion of 32 semester hours of credit classified as university residency credit. Transferring students must meet University of Mary residency graduation requirements upon completion of the RT professional curriculum. It is in the best interest of transfer students to fulfill residency requirements prior to admitting to the RT Program. Transfer students are advised to discuss their options with a representative of University of Mary’s registrar office.

Foreign Student Policy
The Radiologic Technology Program welcomes applications from foreign students. Students whose native language is not English are required to earn a minimum score of 540 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and undergo an oral evaluation of communication skills before the RT Program considers the applicant for admission. Foreign students must meet the same academic and financial requirements listed in University of Mary’s catalog.

Health Requirements
Physical examinations are required as a condition for admission into the RT Program. These examinations are completed at St. Alexius Medical Center, free of charge, shortly before fall classes begin, unless circumstances require otherwise.  All students should possess their own health insurance coverage.

Progression and Promotion
To progress through the professional radiologic technology program, students must maintain a composite semester grade of a B. If on probation due to grades, a student must meet the following criteria to remain in the program:

1. Receive a minimum composite grade of B in all remaining semesters
2. Cumulative GPA must be a B, or 3.0 GPA, at the completion of the following semester.

A student receiving an I (incomplete) in any course at the end of any semester has the following semester to complete the coursework and achieve a passing grade. If the student does not complete the coursework by the end of the following semester, the student will be dismissed from the program. If a student receives a semester grade of F in any individual course at any time during the program, the student will immediately be dismissed from the program.

Options after dismissal are:

1. Re-application to the program at a future date
2. To seek another career (Advising is available.)

Re-application does not guarantee re-admission. Dismissal from the program also may result from failure to comply with University of Mary, CHI St. Alexius Health or RT policies. These policies are available to all students.

Non-Discrimination Policy
No applicant is refused admission to University of Mary or the Radiologic Technology Program on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex or marital status.