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Pre-Medical Curriculum Option  

The following curriculum simultaneously satisfies prerequisites for applying to medical school at the University of North Dakota and for the B.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy.

(*Denotes additional medical school requirements.)

Pre-medical / Pre-Professional Curriculum
  BIO 103 General Biology 4
  CHE 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry (I) 4
  ENG 121 College Comp. 3
  ALU 122 ALU 1
  ANT 170 Cultural Ant. 3
  BIO 209 Medical Microbiology 4
  CHE 112 Chemistry (II) 4
  COM 110 Oral Communication 3
  MAT 103 College Algebra 4
  THE (Ethics) THE 208 or 215; 210; 220 3
  PSY 201 General Psychology 4
  SOC 107 General Sociology 4
  BIO 207 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
  PHY 203 Introduction to Physics 4
  THE 382 Moral Issues Seminar, Bioethics,
or Biomedical Ethics
  CHE 217 *Organic Chemistry I 4
  BIO 208 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
  CHE 318 *Organic Chemistry II 4
  Intro. Art ENG 130; ART 108; MUS 196 3
  PHY 304 *Intermediate Physics 4
  NUR 217 Pharmacology 3
  Liberal Arts Requirement (PHI/THE) 4
  Liberal Arts Requirement (SBS) 4


Pre-medical / Professional Curriculum
RCR 201 Introduction to Respiratory Care 3
RCR 205 Basic Procedures 6
RCR 207 Basic Procedures Laboratory 1
RCR 335 Clinical Cardiopulmonary Physiology 6
RCR 320 Clinical Practicum I 3
RCR 422 Clinical Cardiopulmonary 
RCR 426 Human Diseases I 4
RCR 436 Critical Respiratory Care 5
RCR 438 Ventilator/Critical Care Laboratory 1
RCR 427 Human Diseases II 2
RCR 416 Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Care 3
RCR 430 Clinical Practicum II 5
RCR 411 Respiratory Therapy in Alternate Sites 2
RCR 450 Research in Respiratory Therapy 2
RCR 452 Health Promotion 2
RCR 441 Clinical Practicum III 8
RCR 418 Department Leadership 2
RCR 420 Professional Seminar 2
RCR 428 Respiratory Care Specialty 8
CHE 310 *Bio Chemistry (Recommended) 4

The pre-professional curriculum must be successfully completed (grade of C or higher in all Math/Science courses and overall GPA of 2.5 or higher) to be eligible for admission to the professional respiratory therapy program. 

Why Combine Pre-med Admission Requirements with a B.S. in Respiratory Therapy?

Often, students interested in becoming physicians major in one of the natural sciences. However, it is an advantage for otherwise qualified medical school applicants to have already had clinical patient care experience. The Pre-Med/Respiratory Therapy curriculum option at the University of Mary makes it possible for students to fulfill medical school science prerequisite courses while earning the bachelors degree in respiratory therapy. 

Graduates are eligible to take the national respiratory therapy boards to earn the registered respiratory therapist (RRT) credential, and can also apply to medical school. A clinical, patient care background provides the applicant with clinical assessment skills, patient contact, familiarity with the healthcare environment, and a viable career. 

The RRT credential shows medical school admissions committee members that the applicant has real-life familiarity with patient care, which helps them better evaluate the applicant's interest in the medical field and motivation for pursuing a career as a physician. 

For More Information: 

Dr. Krystyna Gorzelska, U-Mary, (701) 355- 8066 

Dr. Will Beachey, Program Director, (701) 530-7757