ICVT Academic and Clinical Course of Study

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The school year begins late in August. Formal classes are presented in conjunction with thorough clinical experience under the supervision of highly trained angiographers and special procedures technologists. The faculty consists of radiologists, technologists, nurses, and cardiologists.

The following is a list of the course work covered throughout the year: (Click here to view ForsythTech's online curriculum)

  • Radiographic Pharmacology
  • Intervascular Neuro Radiography
  • Patient Care and Nursing Procedures
  • Interventional Imaging Equipment and Supplies
  • ICV Physics
  • Vascular Physiology and Procedures
  • Clinical Labs
  • Clinical Rotations
  • General Studies

The school grade policy requires the student to maintain an average of 80%. Academic and clinical evaluation records are reviewed with the student every quarter.  Mid-year and final examinations are administered by the university. The  Professional Code of Ethics of the ARRT is respected at all times. Failure to comply with the Professional Code of Ethics is reason for dismissal.

Should a student's participation, for whatever reason, appear unsatisfactory at any time during the twelve-month period, he or she may be advised to resign from the program at the request of the Advisory Committee.

Upon satisfactory completion of the twelve-month program, Forsyth Technical Community College and CHI St. Alexius Health awards the students with a certificate in recognition of their competency in Interventional Radiology. Graduate students are prepared and eligible to sit for the ARRT VI boards.