Safety Meetings: A Worthwhile Investment

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Safety meetings can be one of the best methods for creating awareness of the need for safety among your employees. Too many supervisors, however, fail to regard the meetings as valuable tools, and that attitude is sometimes reflected in their meetings. 

A safety meeting doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out ordeal. If you present it in a positive manner, you can get a strong safety message across in as little as ten minutes. Even a ten-minute meeting must be prepared, however. Workers have to know what the safety concern is, why the concern exists and the steps that must be taken to assure everyone’s safety. By taking the time to analyze the circumstances and come up with potential solutions, you're already on the way to a successful meeting. 

But you don't have to spend a lot of time on preparation. In fact, you probably have easy access to a considerable amount of useful material. In order to bring safety home to your employees, consider using: 

  • a chart comparing your department's accident rate with the entire organization's (or industry's) norm. 
  • employee accounts of unsafe conditions. 
  • employee suggestions on topics of special interest. 
  • reports filed or notes taken during safety inspections. 
  • information on new regulations and discussing how they will affect operations. 
  • safety information from newspaper articles, magazines or from regulatory agencies.

Well prepared pamphlets, films, videotapes and handouts are especially effective in delivering the safety message. They focus employee interest on a problem more sharply than a verbal presentation alone.