Realistic Expectations

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Every one of us has expectations and relates to the world differently. While all of us want recognition for our achievements and viewpoints, people who are able to function at their best know their own value and don’t always rely on outside influence to tell about the good qualities they possess. 

Setting Realistic Expectations 
When you are optimistic in your expectations, you have a look and a spirit that others find attractive. Do you expect too much of yourself? Of others? While successful people establish high standards for their lives, they are realistic about what they can accomplish and aren’t afraid to say no to themselves or others when it’s clear the expectation is too great. 

Your Expectations of Yourself 
No one feels or functions positively all of the time. We all have our ups and downs. And, remember that no one is perfect. But, you can set realistic expectations by knowing yourself and communicating your expectations to others. If you expect to feel good about yourself, you probably will! 

Your Expectations of Others 
One of the biggest problems we have with our expectations of others is not telling them what we want or need. We assume they will somehow know what we expect from them. This is particularly common in close relationships where love is supposed to “conquer all.” But, no matter how much you are loved, if you haven’t told someone what your needs and feelings are, you are likely to be disappointed. 

Expectations of Life 
Are you able to “roll with the punches” of life? Successful people are able to face adversity at each stage of life. Are you flexible in your expectations or do you always want things to go your way? We all have expectations that may sometimes seem irrational but successful people are able to acknowledge them instead of denying their existence. They accept challenges to their expectations, recognize them as part of life, make positive decisions and move on.