Promoting Positive Motivation

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Organizations won’t remain successful if workers lose the sense of urgency and importance that motivate them. As a manager, you can do much to promote enthusiasm and productivity through your own example and style of leadership. 

Defy The Verdict 
Disregard comments such as, “it’ll never work . . . you can’t do it.” Look for ways to achieve difficult and challenging goals. 

Make Things Happen 
Don’t wait around for opportunity to offer itself. Encourage everyone in your department to suggest new ideas, pursue better ways of doing things, and accept new projects with enthusiasm. 

Be Approachable 
Speak and act as if everything you do is genuine. If members of your staff don’t feel comfortable speaking their minds, they’ll stop contributing their ideas and opinions. Be generous with praise and thoughtful of the opinions of others. 

Remain Professional 
Be cautious with criticism. There is usually more than one side to a controversy. During disputes or challenges, remain calm and self-assured. Treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Be Flexible & Informal 
A highly structured, authoritarian hierarchy doesn’t promote progress or encourage open sharing of information and ideas. 

Promote Responsibility 
Train workers. Train yourself. Let everyone know what’s expected of them so they can act responsibly and productively. 

Be Genuinely Interested In People 
Ask how things are going. Listen to concerns, be open to suggestions and encourage others to do the same. This helps build an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.