Project Success Equals Team Involvement & Recognition

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Behind every successful project lies an effective supervisor or manager who knows how to develop successful team members. As a supervisor or manager, you must learn how to develop the individual as well as the team as a whole before you can even consider hoping for a successful project outcome. This means that you must carefully address the demands of building a strong team made up of diverse individuals. 

To help team members become a cohesive unit: 

  • Personally get to know your team members by developing relationships built on trust and respect. 
  • Expect the best from every team member and provide all members with a clear indication of your expectations. 
  • Keep team members informed throughout the project’s development and outcome. 
  • Encourage all team members by providing motivation that inspires individuals and the team as a whole. 
  • Let team members develop and use their strengths to enhance the team’s efforts and eventual outcomes. 
  • Offer praise and recognition for outstanding performance at the individual and team levels.

If you’re a team leader or a project manager, you’ll find less conflict and more collaboration toward team success when you incorporate a focus on team work and recognition into every project. You’ll find that team members are happier and more productive. And, when your team is more cohesive, you’ll greatly increase the chances of producing successful project outcomes.