Postures For Success

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Each one of us is unique. Every person sees and relates to the world differently, and for this reason, successful approaches to life include a wide range of possibilities. In general, however, people who are successful tend to share the following traits: 

Do you value yourself? While almost everyone enjoys being praised on occasion, successful people know their own value and don't always rely on others to tell them they are worthwhile. 

Accepting Of Life's Challenges 
People who are successful choose a variety of interesting activities to make their lives more satisfying. Successful people have learned to, “roll with the punch” when they experience disappointment or unexpected setbacks. They are able to handle challenges at each stage of life, even though they might be temporarily put off by them. 

Are you flexible or do you always have to be right? People who are successful are able to accept their mistakes, admit them and then move on. Successful people understand that everyone experiences some frustration in life and they accept the need to be flexible enough to meet the difficult demands placed upon them. 

Realistic Expectations 
Do you expect too much of yourself? Of others? While successful people can and do set goals to reach for, they are realistic about what they can accomplish. People who are successful are not afraid to say “no” to themselves or others when it's clear the expectation is too great. 

Acceptance Of Responsibility 
Do you accept responsibility for what you do and the choices you make? While almost everyone makes excuses once in a while, successful people are able to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. At the same time, they refrain from denying responsibility or blaming others. 

Ability To Live & Learn 
If you can’t influence an event, accept the circumstances and let go. People who are successful learn from disappointment, then use what they’ve learned to get greater satisfaction from life. In this way, successful people direct their energy toward making their important goals and dreams a reality.