Moving Toward Greater Effectiveness

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Are you as focused, productive and effective as you would like to be? Successful people make sure they are effective at what they do. What measures do you use to make sure you're hitting the mark at work and in you personal life? You may really be active throughout the day, but have you been effective in what you've completed? If you want to improve your effectiveness, these simple tips can help you: 

Be Results Oriented 
You only go around once in life, so it is vitally important to set both personal and professional goals to enable you to achieve your dreams and ambitions. While setting goals costs you nothing but a little time and thought, failing to do so can result in failure and regret. 

Make Your Strengths and Resources Work for You 
Make use of your talents and abilities and you will find that you are happier, healthier and more effective. When you must make choices, get all of the information you need, ask others for their input and suggestions, consider all the alternatives, make your decision and then proceed with enthusiasm. 

Focus on One or Two Priorities at a Time 
"I've got so much to do, I don't even know where to start!" Have you ever had this feeling? When you are overwhelmed with work, prioritize your tasks and then focus on the one or two that are the most important. Devote your full attention to them, so you can complete them, get them off your plate and move on to the next prioritized task. 

Apply Your Gifts 
We're all unique and each of us have our own special gifts. Make a list of what you consider your strengths and your weaknesses. Next, don't just assume your assumptions are correct. Get feedback from trusted friends and family members who won't just tell you what you want to hear but who will share their true opinions. With their help you can get a realistic perspective of your gifts. 

Build Your Career on the Things that Interest You 
Find your passions and strive to live your life around them. Make your list. Do your homework. There is this caution, however . . . have patience. Your effectiveness in life probably won't surface overnight, but with patience and perseverance, you will find success when you least expect it.