Making Your Work More Meaningful

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In today’s world, job security is significantly diminished from years’ past.  The ethic of working hard and remaining loyal to your employer for 40 years to assure job security ended in an era of downsizing, restructuring and periods of economic instability.  To counter these trends and enhance your potential for success, develop personal reasons to see your work as meaningful. 

Expand Your Viewpoint
Professional UpdateA larger sense of meaning or purpose enhances your career resilience and helps you to stay on course during turbulent times.  Personal satisfaction for a job well-done comes from your innermost character and serves as a guide for making choices that are more likely to bring success.

Establish Your Own Standards
Most of us spend more time working than in any other activity.  When we do not get meaning or satisfaction out of work, we feel empty and depleted.  It is important to use your skills and talents wisely, and to intentionally seek work that brings satisfaction.  When you become absorbed in what you are doing, you feel energized rather than depleted.

Nourish Your Creativity
Find ways to get away and clear your mind.  Take a break from routine tasks.  Go for a walk, notice surroundings, play, rest, daydream, engage in stimulating conversation, be alone, do something you’ve never done before.

Recognize Your Power to Choose
Research shows that there is typically a five-year period of time between realizing the need to leave an unrewarding job and actually doing so.  In retrospect, most people regret that they didn’t leave sooner.  Be aware of the choices you are making that may limit your potential.  Having the courage to act on these choices is a source of freedom and strength.

Examine Your Ambition & Needs
People who have a more relaxed attachment to money and status have more freedom to consider a variety of career options.  Budget your money, and figure out how much you must have each month. Then generate alternative ways to get that amount.  Living beyond your means, or even the very limit, greatly reduces your career opportunities and flexibility.